The Best Fixtures, Customized Just For You.

Electrical Gopher is an electrical distributor.   We have completed projects in all 50 states and on 5 continents.  We work directly with over 20+ manufacturers.  While we do have many stock and quick ship items, we specialize in creating fixtures which are unique and utilize the latest technology.  Many of our fixtures feature combinations from two or more manufacturers and may require some field assembly.   Help is available.   Many of our fixtures show a standard color scheme but really any color you can imagine is possible.

Answers to common questions:

SPEED: A number of visitors to this page generally want to know how fast we can do something.   Generally we can have fixtures made pretty fast as the vast majority of our manufacturers are in the U.S.   We've shipped large custom orders to movie sets in time for a weekend shoot.   And sent orders to small businesses in time for grand openings.   Nothing is impossible.  Please note the options for 2nd day air and next day air are disabled in the cart but are still available.

TERMS: Yes we take POs and extend terms to municipalities, govt entities, hospitals, universities and colleges, school districts, publicly traded companies, property management firms, HOA's, and even countries (Canada).  This is not a complete list.   We do not extend terms to private individuals unless you have previously conducted business with us.  You will be required to fill out a short application and will be approved upon verification.

CUSTOM: Any color or finish, lamp (size permitting), dimension, voltage and mounting method is possible.  It may not be listed under the options as we narrow the choices to the more popular ones.   We can add your option.   For example is you want to hang 3 pendants from the same canopy.  It is entirely possible.   Or you want to match the color yellow from the outside of your house.   Definitely.   Landscape fixtures in 120v are possible on nearly all fixtures.

PARTS: Yes we have them but don't post them.   Please send an email or call with a part number, description, photo or general description.  We'll send you a quote for the item once we track it down.

If you have any questions about us, our fixtures and lamps or just a general inquiry, please contact us at 505-792-6585.