Smart Lighting Control Systems for Troffers and High Bays

LG High Bay DemoThe next evolution in lighting is wireless controls.  The use of wireless controls has been utilized by some companies already but so far the costs have been so expensive that achieving payback is difficult.  The common problem is that the control systems are hosted on a cloud network which is propreitary.   The control systems offer tremendous energy savings but require ongoing subscriptions which defeat any potential savings.  

ElectricalGopher, a national LG Electronics Lighting Distributor has achieved a working system that costs under $150 and is a one time expense.  The system is hosted locally making it more secure and less expensive.  A lot less expensive.  The system works with both high bay area light fixtures and 2x2 and 2x4 Recessed Troffers.   Also known as grid lights or panel lights.

This fixture will forever change your view of lighting possibilities.  The fixture is the most advanced and cost effective fixture presently on the global market.  This highbay features an optional wireless dongle or wireless occupancy control.  The troffer features motion sensing and daylight harvesting control with a wireless dongle input.   Utilization of the control can lead to energy savings in the range of 85% with projected paybacks in the 2 year range depending on settings and energy variables.  The wireless control uses open source Zigbee wireless mesh.  The fixture can be controlled with dimming as low as 5%.  Step dimming controls can be programmed with the added feature of controling top level output.

Links to fixtures are here:

LG High Bay                    LG 2x2 Troffer with Smart Sensor              LG 2x4 Troffer


*Qualifying companies can demo a fixture with deposit.  Price shown is list price, discounted rates available.

While most smart systems presently cost thousands of dollars we have accomplished the same feat for under $200.  The system requires a hub to connect the network, (contact us for the hub information, not published).  You also will need to download a free control app to either an Iphone or Android Smart Phone.  The phone then controls the whole system.  The system is secured and password protected so pranksters can't leave you in the dark.

Example 1 Grouping and Time Control:
A grouping of 10 fixtures can be all programmed to act as a singular unit.   The 10 fixtures can be programmed to turn on at 9 am and dim to 40% at 10pm.   A third step could be to have them turn off at 10:30pm giving workers time to safely leave the faciltiy.

Example 2 Grouping and Motion Sensing:
A fixture or grouping of fixtures can be programmed to turn on from 30% to full power 100% when motion is sensed.   The top level control can be modified so that when motion is sensed the fixture(s) would only power to 90%.   When motion is no longer detected, the fixture(s) would then go back to the original step dim setting 30%.

Example 3 Motion Sensing, Time Control, Mass Grouping:
We have 3 groupings of fixtures in a facility.  The first grouping of 50 fixtures turns on/off at the settings of 8 am and 9 pm.  The second group of 35 fixtures are using motion sensing with step dimming.  They turn on/off at 8 am and 9 pm.  The power up to 30% until motion is detected then power up to 100%.   The third group of 15 fixtures uses motion to power on to the initial 20%, when motion is detected they power up to 80% as the light output in this area is too much.   All three groupings turn off at 9 pm.

While 3 basic examples have been given, there are an infinite number of possibilities for control settings.  The parameters are open based on if-then event statements and area groupings.   We can even set up your system for you if you wish.

LG Electronics 2x4 DemoSystem Features: 

• System efficacy greater than 100 lumens per watt
• Potential Energy Savings of up to 85%
• Precision optics – medium and wide distribution 
• Steel housing, powder-coating, 
• Provides two carabiners for easy connection on high bay
• Wireless lighting control ready (ZigBee®) troffer and high bay
• Step dimming with plug-and-play motion sensor 
• 5-year warranty

Pricing Example Warehouse

Facility requiring 100 units of 120 watt Highbays all with wireless motion sensors - 
$276.47/each quantity based price
$125.00/each hub

Total Package Cost -  $27,772.00 (plus sales tax)

Pricing Example Building

Facility requiring 100 units of 2x2 and 100 units of 2x4 Troffers all with Motion Sensing and Daylight Harvesting 
$152.94/each 2x2, quantity based price
$170.58/each 2x4, quantity based price
$125.00/each hub

Total Package Cost -  $32,477.00 (plus sales tax)