Terms Of Agreement


Our one page checkout process asks for all the information needed to order.  If you're experiencing trouble, please call 505-792-6585 or email sales@electricalgopher.com.  If you're trying to order a quote, you need to log into your account to purchase those items at the quoted rate.  If you need an item customized to your specific project, please let us know and we can add the desired features to the product online.  Features such as fixture painting, custom drill patterns, shields, a/b wiring, mounting are just a few of the main options available.  

Shipping & Delivery

Orders received before 12 pm will be processed on the same business day.  Orders received after 12 pm will be processed on the following business day.  Project demand and volume may cause these time lines to vary.  Orders come from different distribution locations.  Some order come from our inventory, others from the manufacturers and some items don't exist until they are ordered.  Lead times vary widely on products depending on the complexity, popularity and availability.  Sometimes normally in stock items may be on back order depending on immediate demand.  Certain items sometimes have heavy demand and limited production cycles which lead to temporary delays.  You will be notified with a lead time via email within one to two business days.  If a firm date is not available you will be notified as to what the issue is and will be given the option to continue with the order or be given a full refund.  Back Orders occur when a normally in stock item is not available.  Back orders sometimes happen for lighting products.  However often times back orders are very short in nature.  If your item has been placed on back order you will be notified by email and given the option to wait for the item to come back into stock or to receive a full refund.  Custom Orders are orders require construction, painting or modification of an existing item, have selectable configurations such as louvers or mounting options.  All custom orders will be given an estimated shipping date.  Large custom build orders may take longer than usual, however you will still be given a firm delivery date.  If the delivery address needs to be changed after the products have already shipped, you may be assessed an address change fee.  This fee is charged at the discretion of the shipping carrier.  Even if your order qualified for free shipping, you will still be responsible for this charge.  Address changes made before the product has shipped are not a problem and will not incur any charge.  It is the responsibility of the receiver to be able to receive a freight shipment.  Often times freight shipments are large, either single or double pallets and weigh hundreds of pounds.  Please ensure that your project site is capable of receiving large or heavy shipments.  If any delay results from delivery, usually freight companies charge a holding fee.  This fee will be assessed to you if such a delay arises.  If your shipment is rejected because of damage, we will do our best to get another shipment out to you asap.  If your shipment is rejected because of some other reason, you will be responsible for the restocking fee and shipping charges even if your order qualified for free shipping.   Please do not sign for a damaged shipment.  If you do so and later discover that the shipment is partially damaged, you will not be eligible for refund or a replacement.  Freight companies have allowances for damage, but once the shipment is signed for our ability to recover funds for the damage is no longer possible.  2nd Day Air or Overnight Delivery is not offered on the web although it is available for some items.  Manufacturers have a difficult time meeting this timeline due to build times, availability and volume.  If you need this service, please contact us.

Privacy & Security

Blind shipping is where no information except a packing slip of contents will be included.  Please note this in the comments if needed.  This is not available for international shipments.  We don't disclose your personal information to our vendors or other customers.  Credit card  information is not stored on our server.  Paypal is our merchant processor and they have verified that this site meets their security standards.

Returns & Replacements

Returns are accepted depending on the item and the manufacturer.  Custom items cannot be returned.  The majority of custom items include any item which can be finished or painted, has a unique selectable configuration or was made specifically for your project.  There may be other custom items which are not included in these parameters.  Stock items which are unused and in the original packaging may be returned.  Manufacturers do charge restocking fees because we deal mostly in high value products.  A restocking fee(s) will be charged if one exist from the manufacturer.  Restocking typically range from 20%-75%.  We do not charge any additional amount beyond what the manufacturer charges in percentages terms.  In rare cases it can take up to 6 weeks for the manufacturer to refund the purchase.  This may be due to product testing and refurbishing upon return.  If the product is deemed unsellable, the product may not be eligible for a refund and you may choose to have the item shipped to you again at your expense.  Exchanges may incur a restocking fee.  You will also be responsible for the shipping charges of returned goods regardless of whether on not you had free shipping and all funds must be collected before new items will ship.  Additionally your items must be returned before we will ship new items.  If you need a replacement for a damaged item, please let us know, either through the help desk, our contact forms or by phone.  Once your product has been received, evaluated or tested (or both), and funds have been released to us, your refund will be returned to you less any applicable shipping and restocking charges.  Our merchant processor gives 30 days for a refund, so we may need to send you a check or funds through Paypal.  Funds can also be held as a credit.  Shipping for returns which are unwanted or because the incorrect item was ordered will be charged to the customer.  Shipping for damaged goods and warranty items will be paid by us.     

Payments, Pricing & Promotions

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cashiers checks, and personal and business checks from U.S. customers.  For U.S. and International customers we accept wire transfers and money orders.  All orders paid for by check will have a waiting period for funds to clear.  International checks are not accepted.  Orders do not ship until funds have been received and have cleared our account.  We offer terms or credit.  Examples of entities which are given terms are schools, universities, hospitals, local, state and fed governments.  Terms are not guaranteed.  Terms will always always be due upon receipt of goods within 1st normal billing cycle.  We do our best to accurately reflect current pricing from manufacturers.  Rraw material cost and market fluctuations can cause changes to pricing.  We will do our best to honor any price but in extreme situations we may need to refund your order because of a price increase. Special pricing is not guaranteed.  

Warranty Claims

The manufacturer warranty is valid from the date of order completion.  If you purchased online and created an account, then you can use our help desk function within your account, or send a contact form request.  This is the best way to move forward with a warranty claim.  If you prefer to call or purchased as a guest through our system, a support ticket will be created for you.  All warranty claims include free ground shipping.  Expedited shipping must be paid for by the customer.  All warranties are provided through the manufacturer.  Labor charges to replace, repair, rewire, travel to/from, meal allowances and/or other costs are not covered.  We apologize in advance but this is standard within the electrical industy.  

Account Information

We store your basic information, including name, email, address, phone and order history.  You can create this information by creating an account.  If you checkout as a guest, an account will not be created.  You can change this information at any time by logging in and changing your profile information.  We don't distribute your information.   We don't spam email.  

Site Usage

Refusal Of Service
We reserve the right to reject, refuse, and/or deny any order placed through our website.  - Research and Development Orders from competitors will be rejected and are forbidden.  Please do not order.  - If you are from a competitor or your IP has been blocked.  You are notified that further use of this site is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act U.S. Code 1030.   Violaters will be reported to the local authorities.  - Lawyers from competitor manufacturers and competitor retailers are hereby notfied to not use this site.  We do not wish to assist you in civil matters.If you have placed an order and/or are using this site after being refused service and/or are violating an IP block, you will be responsible for any damages caused, your funds will not be returned to you and you could be prosecuted for harassment, online tresspassing and violating the CFAA, U.S. Code 1030.  If your IP has been blocked by mistake, please contact us to have your IP unblocked.

This site and the products we sell are intended for resellers, contractors and end users who need electrical and lighting supplies.